Veterans Benefit

Ptsa is proud to offer financial support to military and veteran students.

Veterans Benefits and Transition Act of 2018 (Section 103)

PTSA is a participant in the Veterans Benefits and Transition Act of 2018 signed into law on December 31, 2018, by the President of the United States. This provision was effective August 1, 2019, for any students that are considered “a covered individual" using Chapter 33: Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits or any participants in Chapter 31: Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program benefits at a public, private for-profit or not for profit institution regarding unpaid tuition and fees.

PTSA permits any covered individual to attend or participate in the course of

education during the period beginning on the date on which the individual provides to the

educational institution a certificate of eligibility for entitlement to educational assistance under

chapter 31 or 33 (a “certificate of eligibility” can also include a “Statement of Benefits” obtained

from the Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) website – eBenefits, or a VAF 28-1905 form for

chapter 31 authorization purposes) and ending on the earlier of the following dates:

  1. The date on which payment from VA is made to the institution.
  2. 90 days after the date the institution certified tuition and fees following the receipt of the certificate of eligibility.

PTSA will not impose any penalty, including the assessment of late fees, the denial of access to classes, libraries, or other institutional facilities, or the requirement that a covered individual borrow additional funds, on any covered individual because of the individual’s inability to meet his or her financial obligations to the institution due to the delayed disbursement funding from VA under chapter 31 or 33.

What is a “Covered Individual?"

Any individual who is entitled to receive educational assistance under either Chapter 33:Post 9/11 GI Bill or a participant under Chapter 31:Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program.

Progress Policy

Academic Progress will be at the end of each semester for all students receiving Veterans benefits.

If at the end of any given semester the student’s cumulative GPA falls below 2.0 for Undergraduate program and 2.5 for Master program, the students will be placed on probation for a maximum of two semesters. If by the end of the probation period the student’s cumulative GPA is not raised to above 2.0 for B.Th. and 2.5 for M.Div., the Veterans Administration will be notified and benefits will be interrupted. Academic Progress records are maintained by the school and will be furnished to the student upon request.

If the director determines that the conditions which caused the interruption have been rectified, the student will be eligible to receive benefits from that point forward.

Please note all the regulation for the PTSA’s Grading System including SAP policy applies to veteran students.

Steps to get started :


  • Apply to Presbyterian Theological Seminary in America
  • Determine your chapter.
  • Apply online for your GI Bill Benefits. 
  • Apply online for financial aid by submitting the FAFSA application. (B.Th. student only)
  • Counseling with an Academic Dean
  • Register for Classes
  • Meet the SCO and notify, and turn in request for certification : you must do this every semester in order to be paid
  • Bring in LETTER OF ELIGIBILITY (as soon as you receive it): This is the letter the VA will send you by mail once you have been approved for your GI Bill. If you changed schools, you will receive a new one once the VA approves any changes.