Student Responsibility

Applications for Benefits: 

VA students can submit applications online at  Or they can call 1-888-442-4551 and ask that an application be mailed to them.

All VA students must file an application when they first start school.

    • New student: A student who haven’t received VA benefits before must file an original application (Veterans VA Form 22-1990: dependents VA Form 22-5490): ToE students VA-Form 22-1990e)
    • Continuing student: A student who have received VA benefits before must file a Request for Change of Program or Place of Training (Veterans and ToE students VA Form 22-1995: dependents VA Form 22-5495).  Students apply for Chapter 33 in lieu of (or relinquishing) another benefit should complete a VA Form 22-1990.
  • Change of Address and Direct Deposit:

Address and direct deposit information must be kept current.

Monthly Verification Procedure 

Currently, CH 30 and CH 1606-1607 recipients must verify attendance on a monthly by Web Automated Verification of Enrollment (WAVE) or by interactive Voice Response (IVR). 

The preferred verification method is WAVE, which includes features not in IVR. Click on the link to the WAVE Program and follow the instructions provided. The earliest students can verify their enrollment is the last calendar day of each month. WAVE allows students to verify their enrollment on the internet. WAVE is on the Education Service website at

Students may :

  • Verify that enrollment has not changed
  • Report a change in enrollment
  • Change mailing address
  • Initiate or change direct deposit information
  • View the enrollment period and monthly benefit amount
  • View the remaining entitlement
  • Sign up for a monthly e-mail reminder

Continuation of VA Benefits

The sooner you submit your request for certification to the school, the less likely you are to have a break in your monthly payments. However, Presbyterian Theological Seminary in America cannot guarantee when you will be paid. Multiple schedule changes will cause a delay in processing your certification.